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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doggie Who

If you like dogs, and you like Doctor Who, and if you have time to follow a link, and you can be bothered clicking http://metro.co.uk/2014/03/15/doctor-who-from-tom-baker-as-a-flandoodle-to-david-tennant-as-a-long-haired-chihuahua-all-12-time-lords-and-the-war-doctor-as-dogs-4571926/, you can head across and see DeviantArtist Tee-Kyrin's take on all the incarnations of our favourite Time Lord as pooches.

For example:


In other news, I received a present today. I love unexpected gifts. Anyway, an Arvo Job colleague is in the process of decluttering her house and found an old book from 1963 she thought I might like: How to be Happy with a Horse by John Harrold. The illustrations by Dik are amusing - lots of pointers about the dangers of teeth, hooves and back legs are included. Chapters have titles like "Show Him He's a Status Symbol', 'Yoicks and Bally-hoo', and 'Talk Turkey to your Horse'. It's all very quaint.

 I shall browse through it tomorrow.


parlance said...

Drs Who AND dogs! I'm going over right away to have a look.

parlance said...

Couldn't get your link to work but Googled it. Love the Eccleston one.

Gitte Christensen said...

Thanks for that - I usually check the links, but this time, obviously not. I tried a few more times to discretely stick in in, but now I've just whacked the whole thing up. It might have been too long for the shortcut thingie.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed them.

Steve Cameron said...

The horse book reminds me of the Thelwell books that many girls seemed to like when I was in primary school.

Gitte Christensen said...

I used to love those books too, Steve, although they were awfully English and I was no pony club girl. Still, spoilt, fat Shetlands and stroppy, scrub ponies share a lot of traits.

I actually thought it was a Thelwell book too for a moment. Since Thelwell was the go-to man for horsey pictures in those days, I suppose he influenced what got published back then.