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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have A Happy, Horsey Halloween

You can read more about the stupendous, seasonal painting of this very sweet, pretty, and obviously supernaturally patient pony appropriately called Raven over at the site of the person who actually did all the hard artwork rather than just, like yours truly, lazily pinching her cool photos because I simply cannot resist the opportunity to post a demon horse on this All Hallows' Eve:


Doesn't the sight of this skeleton horse make you want to throw a saddle on it, put a voluminous, black cape around your own shoulders, mount up and go galloping though a dark and stormy night whilst laughing maniacally?

And imagine if some little kid happened to look out the window...


Anonymous said...

That horse has made me and the Small One very happy this morning :D

Happy Halloween!

Minerva McGonagall

parlance said...

The article about how she paints and trains the horse was very interesting. What an absolutely beautiful animal.

Gitte Christensen said...

:) Excellent. I'm glad this sweet painted pony spread her special Halloween magic even further afield, Minerva, and I hope you and the Small One had a great day.

I enjoyed the article too, Catherine, and also pottering around her fb site to catch peeks of local life in that part of the US. I surely wouldn't mind a Raven of my own.