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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

They Shoot Computers, Don't They?

Today's stupendous post has unfortunately been postponed due to computer problems which have only just been (maybe) resolved. It's too late for blogging now - I'm off to bed. I've got an early start at the Arvo Job tomorrow, and I don't want to squander the restorative effects of my Wednesday R&R.

My Internet computer has been a tad rickety and overly temperamental the past few weeks. I think it's time for my IT brother to pop over and either massage it back to wellness or put a bullet in it and bury the whole kit and caboodle down some back paddock.


parlance said...

Technology is only a heap of plastic and metal when it doesn't work. So annoying.

Anonymous said...

Computers are great when they work.

Don't bury it in the paddock, that is not friendly to the environment.

Give it a good kick good bye and recycle it at the tip......

Gitte Christensen said...

So true, Catherine. And I'm not at all patient with techno-stuff that doesn't work. It just should! Always!

You're right about the paddock. Shame on me. The brother usually pulls these things apart for reusable bits anyway, and should it be time to say good bye, we'll dispose of the corpse earthfriendlywise.