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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vale, Frederik Pohl

We hoped he'd go on forever, but Frederik Pohl has just passed away at the age of 93.

As someone who regularly popped across to read his posts at The Way the Future Blogs and marvel at the way he was still participating in political issues and not holding back on what he thought, I'll miss his insights, and great example. Aging, he showed us, does not necessarily mean a diminishing of one's passion for social justice or a brain that slows down (he was onto the fracking debate recently, and was definitely not in favour of it). Whenever one of the acknowledged SF Greats died, his was the blog to head for because he would tell immensely entertaining tales about that person from the good old days. Who will now do the same for him? I'll miss his posts. 

With his seminal books, which include The Space Merchants, Man Plus, Jem, Gateway and the other Heechee novels, and all his many, many short stories, the legacy he leaves spans the universe. Thank you, Fred.

Frederik George Pohl, Jr

November 26. 1919 - September 2, 2013


parlance said...

What a legacy he leaves!

Gitte Christensen said...

Indeed! Time for a Fred Pohl tribute read, I think (I just finished 'Surface Detail', which I dived into to satisfy my need for an Iain M. Banks tribute read, and 'Hydrogen Sonata' is waiting in the wings.)