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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a rush

I almost didn't get to the Arvo Job yesterday. As I was hurrying out the front door, I literally bumped into the postie, who was holding an excitingly book sized package. Could it be, could it be? I signed, seized the package from the poor man and ripped it open. And yes indeed, it contained real, live, physical copies of The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2010 that I could, after all the proofs and photos, actually hold and fondle. I stuffed one into my book bag, ran for the train, just made it, then sat perusing the pages all the way to Woodend. I even imagined a scene in which the train crashed and they found me with a smile on my face clutching YBAF&H 2010 and it didn't seem at all morbid to me, but rather a reward from the gods in the best Greek-myths-about-hubris-dying-while-you're-happy way.

Anyway, I've read the blogs of a few of the other contributors, and some of them have wondered, in the nicest way, who the heck folk like me are, but I'm only too aware of who they all are and how lucky I am to have squeezed into this volume. And I'm also determined to enjoy the experience as much as possible, for who knows when or whether I'll get a joy-hit like this again?

And congratulations to Steve Cameron, who is not only on the Recommended Reading List, but also scored a mention on page 22 in the 'Year in Review' section as 'an antipodean author'. See how I scoured the pages? :)


Steve Cameron said...

Now I'll have to buy me copy!!!

Thanks, Gitte for letting me know.

And Congrats once again. It's only actually real once you hold the thing in your hands!


Gitte Christensen said...

You're welcome.

And yes, holding it is nice. Very nice. But I've put it down for the moment and placed it on a shelf by my desk so I can look up at it every now and then as I write :)