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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Good Start to the Day

Forget fibre rich cereals - there's nothing like a sale to start the day. I just received word that Bards & Sages Quarterly will publish my story A Moveable Buffet in their April 2014 issue. This is the amusing, and yes, a bit weird, Hemingwayesque story that made it to the last round for a certain funny anthology, but didn't quite get there.

It's about 3 Interpol cops, an alien, a French restaurant called Le Cop de Proust, and an international crime wave...


Steve Cameron said...


A sale is always good news.


Anonymous said...

Bards and Sages Quarterly! That is a great market. Congratulations, Gitte! :)


parlance said...


Gitte Christensen said...

Thank you, Steve. I'm always happy when a sale comes in.

Thank you, Thoraiya. I do like B&S - they often take my short,weird and/or fun pieces, and for this I am grateful. At 2250 words, this is the longest one yet to be accepted by them.

Thank you, Catherine.