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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Brilliant Timey-Wimey Was Had By All.

Bendigo Cinemas seriously underestimated the amount of interest there would be for the nerdy old Dr Who 50th Anniversary Special. First they cautiously scheduled a mere 2 showings, which sold out quickly, then added a third (to which we hastily bought tickets), but by Sunday they had squeezed in 2 more sessions earlier in the day and another after our evening one, so they went from 2 sessions to 6. People arrived early to get good seats and long queues formed, but everyone was cheerful and in high spirits, so there was a lot of street fun going on prior to the movie.

It was a great evening. The theatre attendants were wearing cool fezzes, there were Tom Baker scarves everywhere, young lads with bow-ties and slicked hair did their best Eleventh Doctor impersonations, giggling teenage girls dressed up as Amy Pond skipped about together in groups, and sonic screwdrivers were wielded with impunity. All age groups were represented. Inside, the atmosphere was good-natured, and once the movie got going, and it became apparent there were going to be plenty of in jokes to reward the faithful, and everyone realised it was going to be FUN, the audience bonded and it became a true Event.

You just don't get many of those.


parlance said...

My brother lined up at Northland, where four cinemas were showing it at the same time, and couldn't get in.

Gitte Christensen said...

Wow. Poor him. I read in the papers during the week that cinemas everywhere were overwhelmed. I reckon there must be a lot of movie house managers still banging their heads against walls as they wonder how much money they missed out on by not properly anticipating this trend and setting aside enough cinema space. I mean, our complex gave one of their 2 biggest screens to that poorly attended Jackass movie while potential audience members were begging to be allowed to throw $$$ at them for a Dr Who spot. A lot of people who are full of spin and jargon got their numbers very wrong with this event.