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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Put on your pith helmet

With much whooping, I can now officially announce that my story Whale of a Time** will appear in the anthology 'Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations', edited by Eric J Guignard. This anthology is a collection of dark tales of Horror, Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction relating to civilizations that are lost, or have been forgotten, or have been rediscovered, or perhaps merely spoken about in great and fearful whispers.

It will be published by Dark Moon Books, and be released next spring (US) for the 2012 World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City.

So I've got the hat, but where did I park my Lear Jet?

**And yes, there are cetaceans in this story, Jim, but not as we know them.


Steve Cameron said...


Sounds like an excellent collection to be in.


Gitte Christensen said...

Hi Steve,

Thank you. I love the title and the concept, and am overjoyed to be included, but I'm just a teensy bit sad that I'm so far away from where all the book launching action will be happening, especially after reading your posts about the ABE launch and following the link to those great photos of Richard Harland and Margo & co.

With this anthology, after the WHC release, there'll be a whole lot of smaller release events in book shops in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle etc where the contributors can read excerpts from their stories and sign copies of the book and shamelessly promote themselves, but unless I find that Lear Jet...

:) Gitte