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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Juggling Stories and Stuff

So there's a certain story which, although of humble and simple construction, I consider one of my better efforts out in the world with a magazine that usually returns my submissions within a couple of weeks, but this time, so far, they've held it for 7-8 weeks, which may not mean anything in the greater scheme of things, but then again it might! However, if they're going to reject it, I really wish they'd reject it quickly, like sometime tonight would be good, so I can send it off for the themed issue of another magazine, deadline tomorrow. Alas, it probably won't happen so conveniently. The temptation to simultaneously sub is overwhelming, but bound to lead to trouble if I succumb, so I shall resist. Drats! Ah, all this waiting for outcomes, sometimes it drives me batty.

Today I should have been putting up my tent for an airing and getting my gear ready for a weekend of horse riding through the Victorian High Country, the one I'd been "training" for on our last two rides, but unfortunately my sister has just this week been struck down by illness (get well soon, Cindy), so we've had to postpone the trip for a few months. Because I thought I was off on a strenuous ride in a few days, I'd more or less reluctantly (but not wholeheartedly quite) dismissed the idea of heading off to the Spec Fic Festival in Sydney I posted about a while back - I'm still not well enough for consecutive weekends of pushing the energy envelope -  and it's probably too late to organise things now. Another drats!


Anonymous said...

It's never too late. Muahahaha! :-)


Gitte Christensen said...

I shall see what I can come up with this weekend...

Mua *cough* haha *cough* ha... No, it's no use, I can't do the evil laugh as well as you do it.